17 Unexpected Ways to Serve Watermelon

on August 17, 2015


Wild for Watermelon

What're we gonna do with all this watermelon? Stop. Collaborate and listen. We take watermelon to the next edition. These watermelon serving hacks offer new and exciting ways to slice, cook, repurpose, and serve up one of summer's favorite fruits. Don't believe us? See for yourself.

Bites of Bri

Watermelon Feta Mint Skewers

These mini watermelon appetizers feature a savory-sweet combo that is perfect to kick off a backyard dinner party. Each bite is full of juicy, sweet watermelon and crumbly feta, perfectly brought together by a drizzle of tangy balsamic. Quite lovely, no?

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Diana Ajih

Frozen Watermelon

This watermelon trick is super easy-and tons of fun to eat. Simply place a popsicle stick into the rind of a slice of watermelon (any shape you like!) and freeze for three hours. Just like that, and you've got yourself healthy, delicious frozen watermelon pops.

Find the instructions here.

Liz from Floating Kitchen

Spicy Grilled Watermelon with Creme Fraiche

Grilled fruit is trendy this year (but delicious always), and this spicy grilled watermelon is hard to beat. With a zesty combo of chili powder, lime, and cilantro-and a finishing dollop of light creme fraiche-this dish is insanely refreshing, and perfect for summer.

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Amy Allen Clark at MomAdvice.com

Watermelon Granita

Slushy watermelon granita recipe requires only three ingredients: ripe watermelon, fresh lime juice and sugar. Granita is basically a semi-frozen, icy treat made from, traditionally, fruit, water and sugar-kind of in between a sorbet and a sno-cone.

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Repurposed Watermelon Bowl

Watermelon is extra-nifty, because its rind has so many uses beyond housing juicy melon-it actually makes a perfect serving vessel. Hollow out a watermelon of any size, depending on who and what you're serving, and fill it up with your favorite fruit salad for a colorful, crafty display. Garnish with mint or shredded coconut, and you've got a show-stopping dish for any potluck or backyard bash.


XXL Watermelon Jello Shots

Now, these are not your typical Jello shots. Say hello to every party's new favorite treat: XXL Jello slices. The recipe simply calls for watermelon jello, extra gelatin, vodka, and a giant, pre-hollowed watermelon (so don't throw out that rind after melon balling). These boozy bites are easier to eat than regular jello shots, and they look deceptively (and adorably) like large slices of regular watermelon.

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Chungah from Damn Delicious

Watermelon Pico de Gallo

Watermelon goes so well with Mexican food, whether its margaritas, salsa or anything cool, zesty, and refreshing. This recipe for pico de gallo includes watermelon, mango, jalapeu00f1o, cilantro, and fresh lime juice for a spicy, sweet topper for salads, tacos, or whatever you like.

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Rhiannon from Dash of Butter

Watermelon Jerky

This treat isn't really even a recipe: it's just dehydrated watermelon! While the recipe here calls for a dehydrator, you can make this snack just as easily in the oven...it just takes some time. This article has instructions for making watermelon jerky that acts as the perfect healthy candy or afternoon snack.

Michael Wurm, Jr.

Strawberry Watermelon Margaritas

One small watermelon is the key to making one very large strawberry watermelon margarita-and the rind makes a nice-sized glass for serving, as well. Throw in your usual triple sec, tequila and lime and blend with frozen melon-and repeat! It's a party in no time.

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Jaime from Pretty Prudent

Watermelon Keg

For this watermelon hack, find a giant, oval-shaped watermelon, scoop out the insides, add a spigot, and just like that ,you'll have yourself a homemade keg! Fill it with your favorite large-batch cocktail or punch.

Learn how to make this DIY here.

Carolina Girl Cooks

Watermelon "Cupcakes"

Fancy a festive, healthy watermelon dessert? Look no further. These no-bake cupcakes are simply cylinder-shaped pieces of watermelon topped with homemade coconut milk icing and decorative berries. These treats are the perfect size to make ahead and serve up individually, which helps avoid the mess of slicing and serving on the spot.

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Martha Stewart

Pickled Watermelon Rind

Wait, don't throw out that rind! Here's another trick that turns watermelon rind into a pickled preserve. With sugar, salt, cider vinegar, pickling spice, and strips of leftover rind, you can make a Southern classic to serve up with cheese and crackers, or even use as a spread.

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Christy Denney from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Watermelon Sticks

Watermelon cut into large traditional triangles can get all over your face as you try to finish up a slice, but this slicing trick will help you make easy-to-eat sticks of watermelon that can save you from a mess. This technique allows you to stack up several slices of watermelon on one individual plate and makes pieces that are just the right size for kids.

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Watermelon Lime Gummies

Watermelon gummies are oh, so delicious and make a fun, portable snack for kids. This recipe features healthy sour gummy snacks made with watermelon, lemon and lime juice, as well as raw honey and even grass-fed gelatin.

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Lorna Jane at The Fit Womanu2019s Cookbook | TheCarousel.com

Watermelon Cake

If you really want to impress guests with a beautiful, extra-healthy dessert, we recommend watermelon cake. This recipe uses a fresh watermelon base topped with ricotta cheese, raw honey, sliced figs, chopped pistachios, mint and lime for a picture-worthy treat.

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Watermelon Cutouts

Another reason we love watermelon: the juicy melon is super soft and easy to slice, so you can cut it just about however you'd like. Try using letter-shaped cookie cutters to make these edible drink markers. You can adorn each of your guests drinks with a watermelon skewer featuring their name to help distinguish whose drink is whose, or use them as edible cake toppers for special occasions!

Get the instructions here.

Lindsay Funston at Delish.com

Edible Watermelon Shot Glasses

Here's another watermelon carving trick that will bring new life to your party: watermelon shot glasses. Simply carve out small cylinders of watermelon and scoop out the center of each to make little shot-sized cups. All you really need is a melon baller, a watermelon, and your liquor of choice to make these petite drinking vessels.

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