Simple 3-Ingredient Mashed Potatoes

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on November 20, 2014
3-Ingrident Mashed Potatoes
Illustrated by Katie Eberts

Thank goodness for mashed potatoes. Unlike cranberry sauce and stuffing, you’ll be hard-pressed to find folks who dismiss the homemade whipped side as “just not for them” at a holiday table. Perhaps this is partly due to their incredible versatility—from savory to sweet, mashed potatoes can be dressed up in countless ways with minimal effort to suit any taste.

Below, we have listed 14 creative recipe concepts calling for just three ingredients each. Start with your favorite mashed potato recipe and then add and adjust the flavor combinations to taste. Note: Some concepts are linked to full recipes!

3-Ingrident Mashed Potatoes |

Illustrated by Katie Eberts

Russet, Red, Yukon and Yellow Potato Concepts

Green onions + smoked gouda + bacon

Smoked paprika + cloves garlic + whole milk

Chorizo + chives + cheddar cheese

Bacon + blue cheese + whole milk

Cabbage + feta + parsley

Broccoli + cheddar + ground black pepper

Fontina + pancetta + sour cream

Spinach + cream + cheddar

Peas + scallions + sour cream

Carrots (1/3 amount of potatoes being used, boiled with) + greek yogurt + dill

Neufchatel cheese + bacon + green onions


Sweet Potato Concepts

Vanilla + eggnog + brown sugar

Red curry paste + cinnamon + coconut milk

Browned butter + sage + butternut squash