Meat-Free Monday Cookbook

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December 20, 2012

Paul McCartney’s campaign to make one day a week meat-free.

McCartneys back cover

Rock legend Paul McCartney has always had a thoughtful diet. But not until he read a report citing the environmental impact of eating meat did he take action. In 2009, his work culminated in Meat Free Mondays, a campaign that encourages people to become more environmentally and socially
conscious by going without meat one day a week.

MFM US coverMcCartney and his daughters, Stella and Mary, started the campaign in the UK, with hopes it would spread across the world. And spread it has, with more than 23 countries participating in the movement.

With the bounty of delicious food at our fingertips, it’s scarcely a hardship to go without meat. And if you glance inside The Meat Free Monday Cookbook, the culmination of the McCartneys’ work, you’ll see what we mean. It’s organized by season, each chapter containing 12 weeks, and each week’s section outlining menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you shop at the farmers’ market and eat seasonally, this book is for you.


Chickpea, Cheese and Onion Burgers recipe.

Chickpea, Cheese and Onion Burgers

Perfect in a toasted bun, these spicy meat-free burgers will become firm family favorites.

Thai Vegetable Curry recipe from Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney and the Meatless Monday cookbook.

Thai Vegetable Curry

This filling vegetable curry has many Thai classic tastes and textures.


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