Father’s Day Cookout

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May 19, 2011

Let the grill do the cooking, while you spend time with your family on Father's Day.


When summer rolls around we can’t help wondering why men who don’t cook a meal from October to May bring out the charcoal chimney and the tongs and look around for something that has stopped moving to slap on the grill. It must go back to Paleolithic gender roles: men hunt and women gather.

These days, starting fires and handling meat is the closest most men come to the manly act of spearing a woolly mammoth. Why not give Dad a break on Father’s Day—take away his tongs, bring him a nice cold drink, and do the hunting and the gathering.

According to Judith Fertig and Karen Adler, ala the Barbeque Queens, women grill differently from men. Men, they say, “single-mindedly grill or smoke part of the meal, sitting outside with a frosty beer, watching the world go by as they wait for their barbecues brisket or ribs or filled chicken wings to get done.” In contrast, women “like to grill or smoke more than one thing at a time and think about the big picture—the whole meal—not just one part.”

So, girls, here’s a recipe that your man would probably never make—Grilled Vegetables and Pork Chops in Lemongrass Marinade—but he’ll love it all the same. But remember, don’t get hooked on playing with fire; he’s going to want his job back next week.

—By Tamar Haspel



Grilled Pork Chops and Vegetables

Grilled pork chops and a fresh veggie platter are ideal for any summer grill-outs.


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