Valentine's Craft: DIY Heart Garland

Featured Article, Valentine's Day
on February 3, 2014
Heart Garland
Teresa Blackburn

When it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas, we adore creative garlands that reflect the season. We hang them in doorways, in windows, from bookshelves—anywhere really. Here is a super easy Valentine’s garland made from paper bags. We used plain brown paper bags from the grocery store and stamped designs on them. But you can use any kind of paper bags. Pink Victoria’s Secret bags would be swell here. Grab the kids, some scissors, paint, markers, stamps from the crafts store and twine and have fun.


Cut squares from paper bags using scissors or pinking shears. We found 5 inches to be a good size.

Heart Garland 


Gather heart stamps, alphabet stamps, red and black ink stamp pads, a small hole punch, and twine.

Heart Garland 


Stamp each square with the design or words of your choice.

Heart Garland 


Use the hole punch to create four holes at the top of each square.

Heart Garland 

Weave kitchen twine through holes. Adjust placement of the squares and hang in a doorway, in front of a window or bookshelf.


TeresaThis DIY was put together by food stylist, recipe tester and artist, Teresa Blackburn. She inspires us to make a kitchen the heart of a home. For more of Teresa’s beautiful food, check out her blog Food on Fifth.