Food Bloggers We Love: La Tartine Gourmande

on September 5, 2011
Beatrice Peltre

Nous Aimons La Tartine Gourmande!

Beatrice Peltre's blog, La Tartine Gourmande, is a feast for the eyes, stomach and heart. Between lines of beautifully written thoughts, she posts bright and colorful images of food and family, because, for Beatrice, life and food are inseparable subjects.

Beatrice Peltre

The Beginning

"I started to blog in November 2005. I didn't have any other intention but to start to document my obsession for food. I never thought my blog would be read, or that it would evolve in the way it did. I discovered skills I didn't know I had, styling and photographing food. I am passionate about them both."

Beatrice Peltre

Life Told Through Food

"I love to style food. And play with composition. Give an emotion to food. It needs to be evocative of a moment. Food is about connecting people to a time and place."

Beatrice Peltre

Holding on to Moments

"I think about it as if I was blogging my life around food. I will love to look back at it later. And to show it to Lulu my daughter when she is older. She already loves to play by my side in the kitchen. Which makes me very happy." Recipe: Dark Chocolate Cake

Beatrice Peltre

Fresh Produce

"Think quality. Choose the best produce. Put your love into food. Food does not necessarily need to be complicated. But the best produce, even put inside a simple meal, can be amazing. And then think about presentation. You eat with your eyes first. It is where a meal always starts. With your eyes."

Beatrice Peltre

French Inspiration

"My food is definitely French in essence. I am strongly influenced by my upbringing. The vegetable and fruit gardens my mother and grandparents kept. My uncles, aunts and grandparents on my father's side who were farmers. I grew up in rural France. It is what feeds my love and respect for organic foods and locally grown produce."

Beatrice Peltre

At Bea's Table

"In all circumstances, I like my meals to be balanced, in color, texture. You can be assured that if you eat at my table, there will be something cooked, and something raw. And always a sweet taste at the end to finish the meal."

Beatrice Peltre

Family Kitchen

"I was surrounded by beautiful food all my life as my mother and grandmothers, and now my sister-in-law, all love to cook and have people over for a meal. Sharing food is a way of being." Recipe: Globe Zucchini Stuffed with Millet and Vegetables

Beatrice Peltre

Bea's New Book

"My cookbook is a simple extension of what you can see on my blog. It will offer a combination of snapshot stories of my life, present and past, with food at its center, with recipes and photographs. It will be an over 300-page hardcover book with over 100 pictures. I am lucky to have it in that form. And my inspiration comes from everything that is important to me: France, my family, Lulu my daughter, my husband and his family, my travels, farmers' markets."