Classic Tandoori Chicken

  • Yield: servings


12-- skinless drumsticks
1 1/2-- sweet onion
1-- green bell peper
2-- tabsp grinded garlic
2-- tabsp grinded ginger
4-- tabsp crushed fried onions( Hanif's or chirag fried onions from any indian or Pakistani grocery store)
1 1/2cups plain yogurt
1-- tabsp paprika
1/2teaspoon red food color
-- salt to taste
2-- tabsp Shan Tandoori spice (from indian or pakistani store)
2-- tabsp Shan tikka boti spice ( from indian or pakistani store)
-- Ground black peper
1-- charcoal brisket
4-- tabsp canola oil
-- peel of 1 onion


Boil skinless chicken in 1 cup water, ginger and garlic paste for 40 min covered in med heat.
Cut onion and bell peper longitudinal1/4" thick. Saute onion and bell peper seperately in a skillet for 5 minutes with salt and ground black peper.
In a bowl combine yogurt, shan tandoori spice, shan tikka boti spice, crushed fried onion, 1tsp salt, red food color and paprika. mix above ingredient and make a paste.
In big pan add oil, after oil is hot add yogurt paste and 1/2 cup chicken stock from chicken, cook for 10 min , keep stiring. Then add chicken, Mix chiken in this paste. In a seperate stove heat charcoal for 2 min. then add saute onion and green bell peper to chicken, turn stove off. In the middle of chicken bowl layer onion peel or foil paper3x3. Add hot charcoal on onion peel or on foil. Add 3-4 drops of oil on top of charcoal and cover the pan for 10-15 min. Serve Tandori chicken with salad, onion rings cilantro, cucumber, tomato and tandoori nan.