Sweet and spicy olive and mango relish

  • Yield: Yields approx. 4 cups of relish. cups
  • Prep: 25 min.
  • Cook: 60 min.


6ounces Can of small whole California Black Olives
1large Mango
6ounces Can of mandarin oranges
1/ 2cups Diced red onions
3/4cup Diced red pepper.
1/ 4teaspoons Red pepper flakes.
3large Cloves of garlic.
1/2teaspoon Ground cumin
1/2teaspoon Sea salt (to taste)
1teaspoon Rice vinegar
1teaspoon Honey
2tablespoons Chopped flat leaf parsley



1. Open can of olives and mandarin oranges and let them each drain in large sieve. Set aside (3 min.)

2. Peel skin from the mango. Slice mango in 1/ 2” x 1/2” thick chunks and set aside in a 3 qt-bowl. Scrape any remaining fruit on the pit and place in a second 2-cup bowl. (10 min.)

3. Wash one red pepper and dry. Slice in half length wise, remove core, ribs and seeds. Dice into 1/ 4” chunks until you have 3/ 4 cup and add to the diced mangoes (3 min.)

4. Chop flat leaf parsley and add to the bowl with the diced mangoes (3 min.)

5. Peel and dice one red onion into 1/4” pieces until you have 1/ 2 cup. Add to the diced mangoes (min.3)

6.   6. Add the drained mandarin oranges to diced mangoes (min. 2)

7. Take the black olives and slice length wise. Add all to the Mango bowl. (5 min.)

8. Take 3 cloves of garlic, peel outer layer and trim root end. Grate each clove in bowl and combine with mango mash. (3 min.) Take all dry spices, honey and vinegar, and salt and combine in the mango mash. (3 min.)

9. Combine and fold in seasoned mango mash with diced black olives, oranges, onion and mangoes Set aside for 30 min. minimum to 60 min. to allow flavors to mingle.