Spinach & Olive Quesadilla

  • Yield: Makes one serving. servings
  • Prep: 5 minutes
  • Cook: 10 minutes


2tablespoons Butter
1large Spinach Torilla
Shredded Italian Mixed Cheese
1/4cup Fresh spinach leaves, stems removed
1 smallcan Sliced Olives
2tablespoons Fresh minced sweet onion
2tablespoons Sour Cream


Melt Butter in an iron Skillet on medium.  Place Spinach Torilla on skillet, allow it to soak in butter.  Sprinkle about half of the cheese on the torilla, and then layer with fresh spinach, sliced olives and onions to taste.  Top with remainder of cheese.  Allow the bottom layer of chees to melt, then fold over the torilla in half (see picture).  Turn the torilla once to allow even heating and complete melting of cheese.  Serve warm with sour cream.