Sid the Sloth Cookies

Sid the Sloth Cookies
Shannon McCook

TIP: Heat Tootsie Rolls in the microwave for 5 seconds to make them easier to roll.


Black licorice sticks
White icing
Oval cookies (like a Milano)
Candy eyeballs
Tootsie Rolls
Black decorating gel
Red Fruit Roll-Ups


  1. Cut thin strips from a stick of black licorice for eyelashes. Place a dab of white icing on both ends of an oval cookie (like a Milano) and push licorice eyelashes into the icing.
  2. Cut two slices from a marshmallow. Place one in the icing at each end of the cookie.
  3. In the center of each slice, attach one candy eyeball with icing.
  4. Roll two Tootsie Rolls into a ball and attach to the center of the cookie with a dab of icing.
  5. With black decorating gel, draw two nostrils.
  6. Cut a smile shape from a red Fruit Roll-Ups and attach beneath the nose.
  7. Cut two small rectangle slices from a marshmallow for teeth.
  8. Attach marshmallow teeth to the top center of the mouth with icing.