Paleo Steak Skewers with Cherry Barbecue Sauce

Steak Skewers
Henry Fong


Cherry Barbecue Sauce
2teaspoons ghee, or fat of choice
1/2cup minced shallots
Kosher salt
1 garlic clove, minced
1 (1-inch) piece fresh ginger, peeled and finely grated (about 1 tablespoon)
1tablespoon tomato paste
1/4cup coconut aminos
1/4cup balsamic vinegar
1/4cup apple juice
10ounces pitted fresh or frozen dark sweet cherries, roughly chopped
1 (1½-pound) flank steak
Smashed Steak Skewers
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
2 melted ghee, or fat of choice
1/4cup scallions, thinly sliced (optional)


  1. To make barbecue sauce, melt ghee over medium heat in a small saucepan. Add shallots and a pinch of salt and sauté until translucent, about 5 minutes. Stir in garlic, ginger, and tomato paste, and sauté for 30 seconds, until fragrant. Add coconut aminos, vinegar, apple juice, and cherries, and bring ingredients to a boil.
  2. Lower heat and simmer for 10 minutes, or until cherry mixture is thickened. While sauce is simmering, stir occasionally and smush cherries against the side of the pot. Season sauce with salt and pepper to taste, then transfer to a bowl and set aside.
  3. Cut steak in half lengthwise (along the grain). Then, slice steak in half across the grain, then in fourths, and finally in eighths. This should yield 16 rectangular pieces of meat. Carefully stab each chunk of meat through the center with a skewer.
  4. Using a meat pounder or small cast-iron skillet, smash each steak skewer until it’s about ½ inch thick. Season beef with salt and pepper, and brush both sides with melted ghee.
  5. Cook on grill over high heat for 1 to 2 minutes on each side.
  6. Let cool for 5 to 10 minutes before brushing on cherry barbecue sauce. Garnish with scallions, if using. Serve immediately.

Recipe from Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2013)