Chicken Cutlets Romano

  • Yield: servings


4-- boneless skinless chicken breasts
3-- eggs beaten
3cups seasoned breadcrumbs
1/4cup all purpose flour
2cups grated pecorino romano cheese
1tablespoon Italian seasoning blend
1/4cup choped fresh Italian parsley
4tablespoons water
1pound vermicelli
4-- roma tomatoes quartered
6large basil leaves chopped
3-- garlic cloves crushed
6-- scallions chopped
1/2cup good olive oil
-- salt and pepper to taste
-- Lge pasta pot with salted water


Cut each breast in half/ pound till 1/4 in thickness
combine breadcrumbs and flour with whisk
place each breast piece in breadcrumb combo and set aside
add water and 1 cup cheese to egg mixture and stir with whisk till blended
heat skillet to med hi and add olive oil and immerse each breast in the egg mixture till completely covered
put each breast into hot oil and brown for 4-5 min on each side.
Remove and keep warm in low oven
Make sure pasta water has come to a rolling boil and add pasta to pot
remove pasta when al dente
drain don't rinse.Save the pasta water.
In the skillet you just used, add the scallions, crushed garlic, extra olive oil if needed and the tomatoes. saute for a minute or so then add the pasta and turn everything with a pair of tongs to
combine. Add the basil and the cheese. Turn off the burner and cover skillet to allow the mixture to melt together. Let it sit for 5 min. You may add extra cheese and some pasta water if desired.
Remove the breats from the oven and plate it up with more cheese and olive oil and a loaf of crusty bread. Enjoy