Date Walnut Squares

Date Walnut Squares
Teresa Blackburn
  • Yield: 16 servings


Date Walnut Squares:
2 eggs
1/2cup sugar
1/2teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2cup all-purpose flour
1/2teaspoon baking powder
1/2teaspoon salt
1cup chopped walnuts
2cups chopped dates
Spiced Whipped Cream (optional):
1/2cup heavy whipping cream
1tablespoon (heaping) powdered sugar
1/4teaspoon cardamom
1pinch black pepper
Date slivers


  1. Preheat oven to 325F. Lightly oil an 8-inch square baking pan.
  2. To prepare squares, beat eggs until foamy. Beat in sugar and vanilla.
  3. Sift flour, baking powder and salt together and stir into egg mixture. Fold in walnuts and dates.
  4. Spread mixture into prepared pan. Bake 25 to 30 minutes. Cut into 2-inch squares while warm, but allow to cool before serving. Makes 16.

  5. To prepare whipped cream, place all ingredients into a small, chilled bowl and beat until thick peaks form. Scoop into a pastry bag outfitted with a star tip and pipe on top of each bar. Garnish with a sliver of date.

Recipe by Nancy Vienneau

Nutritional Info *per serving

  • Calories 158
  • Fat 6g
  • Cholesterol 26mg
  • Sodium 90mg
  • Carbohydrate 27g
  • Fiber 2g
  • Protein 3g