Curious Geoge Sandwich

  • Yield: 1 servings


-- Whole wheat bread (you can use dark rye for the top portion)
-- Favorite filling (start with a reliable such as peanut butter for picky eaters
-- Sweet red pepper slice or a thin slice of tomato for mouth
2-- raisins for eyes
2-- cumcumber slices for ears (may use cheese or radish slices also)


  1. Cut partially frozen bread slices with cookie cutter and spread filling between.  Pumpernickle or rye may be used for the contrasting top portion of face.  Place both sections together on plate and add eyes, mouth and ears.  This is guaranteed to give your reluctant brown bread eaters some "monkey business"!

Recipe reprinted with permission from The Junior League of Enid’s Stir Ups (Enid, Oklahoma, 1982).