Candy Corn Marshmallows

Candy Corn Marshmallows
  • Yield: 20 pieces


1 (16 ounce) bag marshmallows
8ounces white chocolate
Yellow food coloring
Black gel icing tube


  1. Melt white chocolate in a double boiler. Once completely melted, split chocolate between two small mixing bowls. Stir orange food coloring into one bowl and yellow into the other until colors are consistent.
  2. Dip marshmallows, one at a time, in the orange white chocolate mix until 2/3 of the marshmallow is coated. Set on parchment paper.
  3. Dip bottom of coated marshmallows in the yellow white chocolate mix. Set on parchment paper.
  4. Create eyes on each marshmallow with the gel tube. Be careful not to squeeze out too much dye or they will drip.

This recipe by Robin Runner of Knead to Cook has been posted with permission and originally appeared as Candy Corn Marshmallows on Honest Cooking.