Yummy Chocolate Peacan Crust Desert

  • Yield: 10 pieces


1 slick-- oleo
1cup-- chopped pecans
1 cup-- flour
8 oz-- cool whip
8 oz.-- cream cheese
1 cup-- powder sugar
2 boxes-- instant choco pudding
3 cups-- milk


melt oleo in 9×13 baking dish in 350* oven ,mix pecans and flour,put in dish with melted oleo,pat in bottom of dish.bake 30 min. at 350    remove and completely cool.                        cream ,cool whip, cream cheese,and powdered sugar,spread over cooled crust. mix 2 small boxes instant chocolate pudding with 3 cups milk,beat,add 1 half cup cool whip fold in.spread over cr.ch. mixture,top with remaining cool whip.garnish with a few chopped pecans..yum