Yummy Chocolate Eclair Cake

  • Yield: 12-16 servings


1box Grahm Crackers
3cups milk
2envelopes (reg. size) french vailla pudding
1whole 16 oz containor Cool Whip
3tablespoons butter
2-- squares melted semi-sweet cholate
2tablespoons lt. corn syrup
11/2cups powered sugar
3tablespoons milk
1tablespoon vanilla


Line a 9×13 pan with a lyer of grahm crackers.  Mix the pudding and the 3c's of milk.  Fold in the Cool Whip. Poor half the mixture over the crackers.; layer with additional crackers and remaining pudding mixture   Place another layer of crackers over the top. Spread the glaze over the top layer of crackers.  Refridgerate for several hours and ENJOY!!!!!


GLAZE:combine the 3T's of butter,2 squares of melted chocolate,2T's con syrup, 11/2 C's powered sugar and1 T's vanilla