Tropical Cheesecake

  • Yield: 12-16 servings


1cup graham cracker crumbs
4tablespoons butter
16ounces cream cheese, softened
1cup sifted confectioners sugar
5cups crushed pineapple, well drained
4ounces dessert topping mix (Dream Whip)


  1. Mix crumbs and butter, reserving 4 tablespoons for garnish.  Press on bottom of 81/2×11 inch cake pan.  Chill.
  2. Whip cream cheese and sugar until fluffy; stir in well-drained pineapple. (5 cups is equal  to 2 (1 lb. 4 1/2 oz.) cans of pineapple.  Be sure to drain very well. before use.)
  3. Prepare dessert topping according to package directions; fold into pineapple mixture.
  4. Spread mixture over chilled crust; sprinkle with reserved crumbs.  Chill well.