Sesame Spinach

  • Yield: 1 servings


lots-- fresh baby spinach
3tablespoons brown rice
1 or 2dash Sesame oil
1-- Handful of Sesame Seeds
1dash garlic powder
1-- pat of butter


put the brown rich in the bottom of  large noodle bowl and stuff with as much freshly washed (damp) baby spinach as you can. cover it with plastic wrap and try to stuff some more spinach in under the wrap (if deflates!).  microwave for 1 minute and let sit for 30 seconds. remove the wrap and add the butter, garlic powder, sesame oil and seeds. you can add some chicken breast or some bacon if you like. stir it up, it's yummy. (vegetarian if you leave out the meat, vegan if you leave out the butter, still yummy)