Sausage Wedge Hotdogs

  • Yield: 4 servings


1pound roll of Tennessee Pride Country Sausage (Mild, Extra Mild, Hot, or Sage)
4 hotdog buns


  1. Place sausage in freezer just until firm, not frozen. Remove from freezer and discard wrapper. Grill whole sausage roll over an indirect flame on low heat (225 to 230F). Cook until the internal temperature reaches 165F. Once fully cooked, slice length-wise in half and then again until you have four equal quarter wedges. Serve on warm hotdog bun with your favorite condiments.

Tips From Our Test Kitchen: Prior to grilling, use a dry barbecue rub or roll in barbecue sauce. For a delicious smoked flavor, cook over wood chips.

Recipe by Odom Sausage Company, Madison, Tenn.