Pumpkin Pancakes with Toasted Pecan Butter

  • Yield: 8 servings


Pumpkin Pancakes:
2cups all-purpose flour
2tablespoons baking powder
1teaspoon baking soda
1/4cup confectioners' sugar
1/4teaspoon cinnamon
1/8teaspoon nutmeg
1/2teaspoon salt
3 eggs, beaten
1cup buttermilk
1/2cup milk
1/2teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4cup canned pumpkin
1teaspoon butter, melted
1tablespoon vegetable oil, or more as needed
Toasted Pecan Butter:
3/4cup (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, softened
1/2cup toasted pecan pieces
3tablespoons maple syrup
1teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2teaspoon salt


  1. For the pancakes: Whisk the flour, baking powder, baking soda, confectioners’ sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt together in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Combine the eggs, buttermilk, milk and vanilla in a medium bowl and mix until smooth. Add to the dry ingredients and whisk gently just until moistened. Whisk in the pumpkin and butter gently; do not overmix.
  3. Heat a medium skillet over medium heat. Add 1 tablespoon vegetable oil and swirl the pan to coat evenly. Add 1/4 cup of the batter and cook until bubbles appear and the surface begins to look dry. Turn the pancake over and cook until golden brown. Adjust the heat if necessary for even browning and repeat with the remaining batter; add additional vegetable oil as needed.
  4. Serve with Toasted Pecan Butter, maple syrup and whipped cream.
  5. For the Toasted Pecan Butter: Combine the butter, pecans, maple syrup, vanilla and salt in a mixing bowl and beat at medium speed until smooth. Remove to a sheet of plastic wrap with a rubber spatula and use the plastic wrap to shape the mixture into a log 1-inch in diameter. Chill until firm. Cut into medallions to serve.

Recipe reprinted with permission from The Biltmore Company, Biltmore, Our Table to Yours, Chef’s Selection Cookbook (The Biltmore Company, 2007).