Peach and Orange Marmalade

  • Yield: 10 cups


12large peaches (do not peel!) OR
18small peaches (do not peel)
2large oranges (do not peel)
1cup sugar per cup of fruit


Do not peel any fruit.  It is not necessary.

Wash all fruit, then slice peaches and put it large bowl.

Slice oranges and chop in food processor, or by hand.  Add to peaches.

Measure fruit and add scant cup of sugar for each cup of fruit.

Place fruit and sugar in large saucepan.

Simmer 30 minutes, STIRRING FREQUENTLY to prevent sticking.

Put in sterile jars and seal.

I use old small or medium jam, pickle, etc., jars with rubber inside the lids.  I wash them out and put the jars in a 200F oven.  I put the lids in a pot of water to boil and then just simmer the lids until needed..  I have never had a problem with not sealing.