Munchable Mini-Burgers with Flavorful Fruit Dips

  • Yield: 6 servings


For Sweet Tomato Dip:
1-- (8-ounce) can crushed pineapple
1/4cup ketchup
For Tangy Peach Dip:
1-- (15-ounce) can peaches in juice, drained
2teaspoons mustard, yellow or brown
2teaspoons honey
For Apricot Mayo:
1-- (8-ounce) can apricot halves, in light syrup
2tablespoons mayonnaise, light or regular
1teaspoon honey
1/8teaspoon vanilla extract
For the Burgers:
1-- (15-ounce) can sweet potatoes (or yams) in syrup drained
1tablespoon canned tomato paste
1pound ground turkey or lean beef
1-- (7.5-ounce) roll refrigerated, lower-fat buttermilk biscuits, baked to package directions



  1. To make any dip or mayo:  Purée the canned ingredients in a food processor, blender or immersion blender and mix in remaining ingredients; set aside. 
  2. To make burgers:  Mash sweet potatoes and tomato paste in mixing bowl with a fork.  Mix in the ground turkey or beef until thoroughly blended.  Portion in 1/4-cup portions and form into 1/4- to 1/2-inch thick burgers, about 3-inches across. Heat a heavy skillet over medium-high heat and spray with oil.  Cook burgers covered until no longer pink inside, about 4 minutes per side. The internal temperature of the patties should be 165F. To serve: Split biscuits horizontally and make sandwiches with burgers. Serve dips or mayo for dipping.

Nutritional Info *per serving

  • Calories 330
  • Fat 10g
  • Cholesterol 60mg
  • Sodium 610mg
  • Carbohydrate 43g
  • Fiber 3g
  • Protein 17g