Citrus Chicken with Chorizo and Yams

  • Yield: servings


4-- 6 oz.boneless,skinless chicken breasts
1/4cup orange juice
1/4cup lime juice
2cloves garlic,minced
1medium onion,thinly sliced
1/2-- teaspoonkosher salt
1/4-- teaspoonpepper
1/2-- teaspooncumin
1tablespoon olive oil
2-- red bell peppers,seeded,sliced in large chunks
2-- sweet potatoes,peeled,cut in 1 inch pieces
2-- links chorizo sausage,thinly sliced
3/4cup dry white wine
2cups chicken stock
-- serve with white rice,garnish with fresh cilantro,pickled jalapeno slices and dried,chopped mango


1.In large zip-lock plastic bag,marinate chicken breasts with orange and lime juice,garlic,cumin,salt,pepper and onion slices for 30 minutes,at room temperature
2.In large,deep fry pan,heat olive oil over med.-high heat.Remove chicken from bag,reserve marinade.Saute chicken until golden brown on each side and remove from pan
3.De-glaze pan with wine,adding chicken stock.Bring to a boil,add reserved marinade,let come to a boil again.Cook for several minutes,add chorizo,sliced peppers,sweet potatoes and chicken.
4.Reduce heat to medium-low,cover and cook 30 minutes.
Serve with rice,garnish with fresh cilantro,jalapeno,and dried mango