Lime Refresher

Kitchen Tested
  • Yield 1 servings
  • Prep 5 mins
  • Cook 0 mins

A non-alcoholic cooler.

Lime Refresher
Mark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa Blackburn

Every party needs a colorful nonalcoholic drink that makes nonimbibers feel included in the fun. Inspired by the Bacardi Cocktail (a daiquiri with grenadine), this one has all the refreshment of that classic drink -- without the rum.


2 tablespoons lime juice
2 teaspoons grenadine
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
Ice cubes
1/2 cup club soda
Mint leaves for garnish


  1. For each serving, combine lime juice, grenadine, sugar and vanilla in a small glass. Stir to partially dissolve sugar. Fill glass with ice; pour in club soda. Stir, garnish with mint, and serve immediately.

Recipe by Lisa Holderness and Wini Moranville.



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