Hot Pepper Relish

  • Yield 26 to 30 cups

This hot pepper relish is a delicious accompaniment to soups and stews.


12 large red bell peppers
12 large green bell peppers
5 to 8 hot peppers
1 pint boiling water
8 medium chopped onions
4 cups white vinegar
2 cups sugar
3 tablespoons salt


  1. Remove seeds and white membrane from all peppers.  Cut up fine.  Do No Grind.  Pour 1 pint of boiling water over the pepper mixture and let set 10 minutes; then drain.  In large kettle add above peppers, chopped onions, vinegar, salt and sugar.  Let cook after it begins to boil for 15 minutes.  Pour into sterilized jars, seal while hot.  If you prefer a hotter relish add more hot pepper.

Recipe reprinted with permission from the Junior League of Monroe’s Cotton Country (Junior League of Monroe, La., 1972). 



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