Happy Birthday torte

  • Yield: 10-12 servings


28pieces "Mothers" crisp macaroons
1quart softened chocolate ice cream
1quart softened coffee ice cream
4tablespoons chocolate syrup
14pieces English Toffee candy - small "Heath" bars work well


Lightly oil an 8" springform pan.  Crush 14 macaroons and spread on the bottom of the pan.  Next spread on all of the chocolate ice cream.  Drizzle on 2 tbsp. of the chocolate syrup  (can spike with some Kahlua, if you wish).  Crush the remaining macaroons and spread on the top.  Cover this layer with all of the coffee ice cream.  Drizzle on the remaining chocolate syrup. For the top layer, break up the English toffee bars and sprinkle over the torte.  Place the torte in the freezer until hard – 4-5 hours.  Remove from springform pan and leave at room temperature 30 minutes before serving.