Grilled Tofu with Chimichurri Sauce and Garlic Bread

Karry Hosford
  • Yield: 4 servings

You can cook the tofu on an outdoor grill, but a grill pan or skillet works fine, too.


Chimichurri Sauce:
2cups lightly packed chopped parsley
4 garlic cloves, halved
1teaspoon salt
1/2teaspoon freshly ground pepper
1/2teaspoon chili pepper flakes
2tablespoons shallot or onion, minced
1/4cup vegetable or olive oil
3tablespoons sherry wine vinegar or red wine vinegar
3tablespoons lemon juice
Cumin Rubbed Tofu:
1teaspoon granulated garlic
1teaspoon smoked paprika or Hungarian paprika
1/2teaspoon ground cumin
1pound water-packed extra-firm tofu, cut in half lengthwise
Olive oil
Grilled Garlic Bread:
8 (3/4- to 1-inch thick) slices crusty and dense Italian bread
4large cloves garlic, peeled and cut in half
Extra-virgin olive oil


  1. To prepare the Chimichurri sauce, place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and pulse until well chopped, but not puréed. Set aside.
  2. To prepare the rub, combine the garlic, paprika and cumin; mix well. Set aside. Cut the tofu in half lengthwise to make two “steaks” abut 3/4-inch thick.  Brush lightly with olive oil. Press the rub into both sides of the tofu steaks.   Place tofu in a grill pan coated with oil or directly on the cooking grate over direct heat.  Cook for 3 to 4 minutes.  Turn the tofu steak with a pair of tongs and a flat spatula if necessary. Sear the second side and continue grilling until done, about 3 to 5 minutes.  Cut each tofu steak in half to form 2 triangles.
  3. Place bread on grill rack or in grill pan. Cook,  turning once, until golden on both sides, about 2 to 3 minutes per side.  Rub one side of each piece of bread with a half clove of garlic; rub hard for good garlicky flavor.  Place each piece of bread on a serving plate and brush with a thin coating of olive oil.
  4. Serve with tofu Chimichurri Sauce and Grilled Garlic Bread.

Recipe by Elizabeth Karmel, courtesy of The Soyfoods Council