Grilled Grouper with Strawberry-Lime Relish

Kitchen Tested
  • Yield 6 servings
  • Prep 15 mins
  • Cook 10 mins

The sweet fruit relish brings out the natural sweetness in the meat of the grilled fish itself.

Grouper is related to sea bass, which makes an excellent substitute if you can't find any fresh grouper.


2 cups fresh strawberries, hulled and diced
1 tablespoon minced fresh mint
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes (optional)
6 boneless, skinless grouper fillets (6 to 8 ounces each)
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice


  1. To make the relish, combine all relish ingredients in a medium glass bowl and toss gently with a rubber spatula. Let sit at room temperature 1 to 2 hours, stirring occasionally, to let the flavors blend.
  2. To prepare the fish, heat a charcoal or gas grill to medium-high (375F).
  3. Arrange fish fillets on a large platter. Combine olive oil and lime juice in a small bowl and brush on both sides of fillets. Oil the grill grate. Place fillets on grate and cook 4 minutes on each side or until fish is opaque and just flakes with a fork.
  4. Place fish on dinner plates and spoon relish on top.

Adapted from Cookout U.S.A., by Georgia Orcutt and John Margolies (Chronicle Books, 2006).



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