Chicken Rotini Alfredo Amandine

  • Yield: servings


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to coat skillet
-- Minced Garlic approx. 1 tbs
-- Smoked, Salted Almonds approx. 2 cups
-- Cubed, Marinated Chicken 2 Breasts
-- Frozen Mixed Veggies 2 3 cups (depends on your family's tolerance for veggies)
-- Rotini Pasta approx. 8 ozs dry
-- Alfredo Sauce (canned or homemade) 16 ozs


Crush Almonds in a plastic or paper bag with the flat side of a meat cleaver — don't pulverize, just break apart into chunks. Coat a large iron skillet with EVOO. Heat on Medium and briefly saute Minced Garlic. Add crushed Almonds and continue to saute until garlic begins to turn brown.

In a 2 qt saucepan, begin to boil Rotini.

Add cubed Chicken to iron skillet and cook thoroughly, stirring just enough to keep it from sticking. A little caramelization is good.

Keep an eye on the pasta while the chicken is cooking and be sure to remove it from heat and drain as soon as it's done. While the pasta is draining, begin heating the Alfredo sauce. Do not overheat.

When chicken is cooked, add frozen Veggies and saute until done.

When Alfredo begins to bubble, turn off heat and add the Rotini to the sauce. Stir to coat Rotini completely.

Serve pasta and chicken separately, but combine on plates (chicken on top of pasta). Serves 4+

Even my finicky family LOVED this!