Cold Rice-Tuna Salad

  • Yield: servings


4cups cooked, converted rice
3-- (6-ounce) cans white tuna in water, drained
1-- onion, chopped
4small candied dill pickles, chopped
1-- (10-ounce) package frozen peas, cooked
1cup chopped celery
1tablespoon dill
4-- hard-boiled eggs, chopped
2-- (8-ounce) cans water chestnuts, chopped
-- Salad dressing


  1. Combine ingredients.  Add enough salad dressing to bind ingredients.
  2. Chill until ready to serve.  Garnish with tomato wedges if desired.
  3. This recipe may be halved for a smaller amount.

Recipe reprinted with permission from The Junior League of Rochester’s Applehood and Motherpie (Rochester, New York, 1981).