Coffee Ice Cream

  • Yield: 12 servings


3cups light cream
3cups heavy cream
6-- egg yolks
1 1/3cups sugar
1/3cup instant coffee
2tablespoons hot water
1teaspoon vanilla


  1. Scald creams in the top of a double boilder.  Beat egg yolks until light and add sugar gradually, beating continually.  Pour the hot cream into the egg mixture and return to the top of the double boiler.  Cook over hot water, stirring constatnly, until custard coats a spoon.  Remove from heat.  Dissolve coffee powder in hot water and stir into custard with the vanilla.  Chill thoroughly.  Freeze in a hand cranked or electric ice cream freezer.  Serve in bowls and offer Kahlua or coconut syrup for topping.

Recipe reprinted with permission from the Junior League of Monroe’s Cotton Country (Junior League of Monroe, La., 1972).