Coffee Angel Food Cake

Kitchen Tested
  • Yield servings

Few things are simpler than this light coffee cake.


1 (14 1/2-ounce) box angel food cake mix
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon almond extract
1 tablespoon instant coffee dissolved in 1 tablespoon water
Coffee Icing:
6 tablespoons light stick margarine, at room temperature
2 tablespoons instant coffee dissolved in 1 tablespoon water
1 (16-ounce) box confectioners' sugar
3 to 4 tablespoons skim milk


  1. Prepare angel food cake batter according to package directions. Blend vanilla and almond extracts and coffee into batter, then bake according to package instructions.
  2. To prepare icing: In a mixing bowl, cream margarine with dissolved coffee and confectioners’ sugar, adding milk as needed until icing reaches spreading consistency. Ice the top, sides, and center of cooled cake.



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