Choux Good Cookies

  • Yield: 16 pieces


1/4cup butter
1/2cup all purpose flour
1/2cup boiling water
2-- eggs, unbeaten
1/3cup chocolate chips


Add butter to water, heat until butter melts.  Add flour all at once and stir vigorously until ball forms in center of saucepan.  Remove from heat and let stand 5 minutes.  Add eggs, one at a time, beating after adding each egg.  Mixture will be very stiff.  Place teaspoons full on buttered cookie sheet or parchment paper, 1 inch apart.  Place 4 or 5 chocolate chips on each cookie.  Top with an additional teaspoon full of mixture on each cookie.  "Blend/shape" with your finger to seal top and bottom of cookie.  Bake at 375 degrees until beads of moisture disappear, about 20-25 minutes.