Chicken pesto pizza with black olives and artichock hearts

  • Yield: 8
  • Prep: 10-15
  • Cook: 10-15


chiken shredded
quattro frommagi
pesto of choice
white or yellow onion
artichoke hearts in water
black olives
crumbled goat cheese
fresh basil
chipolte powder
whole grain pita bread/ or
gluten free pizza bases/or
fresh whole wheat pizza dough divided in 8's


Dice onion, olives,artichoke hearts and fresh basil

Once you choose your "pizza" base, depending on the needs of your group. Place 1/2 c pesto on base, sprinkle a small amount of chipolte powder ( you can add more later), sprinkle 1/2 c quattro frommagi and add chicken, olives, artichoke hearts and onions evenly. Bake at 350 until desired doneness. Add 1/2 c goat cheese and fresh basil to taste. Place additional chipolte powder on table to taste.

As more and more people are going gluten free it's good to have a choice on hand just in case. As I get to know my crowd I know who likes spice or needs extra protein. A good low carb choice for pita is ezekiel 4-9 they are sprouted and hearty but not gluten free. Udi's is the best gluten free that I have found, crisp up beautifully.