Chicken and Orzo Salad

  • Yield servings


Breast meat from rotisserie chicken, chopped
1/2 cup oil packed sun dried tomatoes
3 -- 4 fresh basil leaves
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 large box chicken broth
1 package DaVinci orzo pasta
large handful shredded Parmesan cheese (not from a can)
-- olive oil
-- salt & pepper to taste


Pour chicken broth into large saucepan and add a small drizzle of olive oil. Bring to a boil. Add pinch of salt and orzo. Cook according to package directions.

While pasta is cooking, chop chicken breast, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes. Roll up basil leaves and chop into ribbons; chop ribbons in half. Put all of this into the bottom of a serving bowl.

Drain pasta. Add pasta to serving bowl, then add cheese. Toss all together, adding salt & pepper to taste.

This is fantastic hot, but can be chilled and served cold. You will just need to add a little olive oil & stir to un-stick pasta.



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