Chicken Enchilada Pie

  • Yield: servings


chicken breast cut into small strips
1small can of green chilies
3ounces of cream cheese
1small red onion
1-- pack of flour tortilla (10 count small ones)
1/2-- and 1/2 cream
-- colby & monterey jack cheese


cut boneless chicken breast into bit size pieces or small strips fry in a pan with a small amount of oil along with the onions
salt & pepper chicken and onions

when chicken is done add one small can of green chilies drained along with the 3oz pack of cream cheese
mix together in same pan with heat off

add mixture of above items into flour totilla's place into a glass baking dish cover 1/2 way up the dish with half & half cream then cover with cheese and bake uncovered until warmed through cheese bubbling and cream will thicken bake around 20-30 minutes at around 350 degrees