Cheese and Asparagus Quiche

  • Yield: 6 to 8 servings


1 1/2pounds fresh asparagus
1-- (15-ounce) package refrigerator pie pastry
1tablespoon butter
1large Vidalia onion or other sweet onion, chopped
2tablespoons Dijon mustard
8ounces Colby Jack cheese, shredded
1 1/2cups half-and-half
2large eggs
-- Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Trim the asparagus to 5-inch lengths. Cook in boiling water to cover for 30 seconds; drain. Immediately plunge the asparagus into ice water to stop the cooking process; drain.  Reserve 9 spears. Coarsely chop the remaining asparagus spears; set aside.  
  2. Unfold the pastries and stack on a lightly floured surface. Roll together into a 14-inch circle. Fit the pastry into an 11-inch tart pan, trimming away any excess dough. Line the pastry with foil. Place pie weights or dried beans in the tart shell. Bake at 425F for 12 minutes.  Remove the pie weights and foil.  Bake for 2 minutes longer.  Cool on a wire rack.
  3. Melt the butter in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add the onion. Saute for 5 minutes or until tender.
  4. Brush the mustard on the bottom and side of the tart shell.  Layer with half the cheese, the chopped asparagus, sauteed onion and remaining cheese.  Arrange the reserved asparagus spears over the cheese.  Whisk the half-and-half, eggs, salt and pepper in a bowl.  Pour over the asparagus.  Bake at 375F for 25 minutes or until the center is set and the top is golden brown.  Let stand for 15 minutes.

Recipe reprinted with permission from The Junior League of Jacksonville’s Toast of the Coast (The Junior League of Jacksonville, Inc., 2005).