Celery and Peanut Butter with Raisins (Ants on a Log)

  • Yield: 2 servings


4 (3-inch-long) pieces celery, well washed
1/4cup creamy or crunchy peanut, almond or cashew butter
1/2cup chopped raisins
1/4cup chopped walnuts or almonds


  1. Fill each celery rib with peanut butter and smooth surface of filled cavity with back of a spoon or spatula. Roll celery in chopped raisins and nuts, pressing gently to make them stick to filling.  

Nutritional Info *per serving

  • Calories 405
  • Fat 13g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 80mg
  • Carbohydrate 40g
  • Fiber 6g
  • Protein 13g