Burnt Butter Pie

  • Yield: 8 servings


.4tablespoon Butter
1/8teaspoon salt
2 /12cup milk
1teaspoon vanilla
1cup Brown Sugar
6tablespoons flour or 3 T corn starch
3large eggs


In large microwave bowl, burn butter till golden brown.  Separate egg yolk from the whites, beat yolks slightly  Add brown sugar, salt and flour to butter  and mix.   Cook on high for three minutes, stir,  then cook another three minutes stir, Add a small amount to beaten egg yolks beat  slowly to mix, then return to bowl  mix  to combine.  Cook another three to four minutes or until pudding is thick.  Add vanilla.  Pour into nine inch pie shell.  Cover with meringue and bake in slow oven twenty minutes or until golden brown.


3 egg white           1/4  t   cream of tartar          1/2  t  vanilla        6 T sugar (granulated

Bear egg whites, cream of tartar and vanilla till  foamy.  Add sugar slowly, then beat till stiff.