Brie and Onion Marmalade Tarts

Mark Boughton Photography / Styling: Teresa Blackburn
  • Yield: 24 pieces
  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins

Dress up these tarts with torn baby greens, dried cranberries, crumbled cooked bacon or a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Or place a bit of mustard onto the pastry squares before adding the cheese.


1 (17-ounce) box frozen puff pastry
12ounces brie cheese
Red Onion Marmalade


  1. Preheat oven to 400F.
  2. Cut puff pastry sheets into 24 (3-inch square) pieces. Place in mini-muffin tins. Place a 1-inch cube (1/2-ounce) of brie on top of pastry squares. Top each with 1 teaspoon Red Onion Marmalade. Bake about 15 minutes, until pastry is golden brown.

Recipe by Chef Chris Koetke.



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