Barbecue-Glazed Chicken Pasta Salad

  • Yield: servings


-- Skinless Chicken Breasts (6)
1pint of Strawberries (Hulled, Sliced and Pureed in Blender)
2tablespoons Honey
2tablespoons Dijon Mustard or Spicy Dijon if you like Hot
1tablespoon Brown Sugar
1teaspoon Chili Powder
1teaspoon Sea Salt
1teaspoon Black Pepper
1teaspoon Garlic Powder
1teaspoon Paprika
1teaspoon Onion Salt
1pound shell noodles cooked according to package directions.
1-- zucchini cleaned sliced thinly
1-- summer squash cleaned and sliced thinly
1package frozen broccoli florettes thawed, drained and rinsed
1medium red onion finely diced
1-- red pepper finely diced
1-- green pepper finely diced
1cup mayonnaise
1/4cup Honey Mustard or (4 tablespoon DiJon Mustard with 2 tablespoon Honey mixed in for spicy flavor)


Combine Stawberries after they have been hulled, sliced and pureed in the Blender. Add all other ingredients into the blender and pulse for 2-3 minutes.

Grill Chicken Breast according to package directions on open grill or homestyle grill.

Baste Chicken with Stawberry Barbeque Sauce until done; reserving some of the Sauce to dip into when eating.

Serve with Pasta Salad-for pasta salad add all ingredients into large serving bowl, mix well, refridgerate overnight or for at least 6-8 hours until well chilled.