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2012 Cooking Show Sponsors

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California Ripe Olives

From breakfast to dinner, California Ripe Olives add texture and flavor to a multitude of meals. They are available whole, sliced or chopped and make a delicious addition to omelets, sandwiches, main courses and more. Check out the links below for dishes your whole family will love.


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George Foreman

Since 1996, George Foreman Grills have been dedicated to providing quick and easy meals in less than 20 minutes. Its fat-removing design helps eliminate up to 42% of fat from 1/4 pound of uncooked 80/20 Ground Chuck. Choose from multiple designs and colors, including indoor/outdoor versions.


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King Arthur Flour

This employee-owned company is all about quality, consistency and value. Every bag of King Arthur Flour is pure, natural and yields consistent results every time you bake. King Arthur is dedicated to educating home bakers, professionals and kids through various programs, classes and resources such as The Baking Sheet, a recipe and informational newsletter. Learn more by visiting their site below.


A star was born in 1994 when a quick-thinking Canadian housewife discovered her husband's woodworking tool was also handy for zesting oranges. The Microplane® rasp has since morphed into a must-have kitchen tool and for over a decade now, Microplane's® signature process has created the sharpest cutting instruments the culinary world has ever experienced. The tradition continues with the next generation of Microplane® tools now celebrated the world over.

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