Fresh Winter Ratatouille

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November 30, 2011

A healthy recipe perfect for party tartlets, as a dip, in pasta tosses or in omelets.

Winter Ratatouille

We love the rich, hearty flavors of fall. But in the throes of the holidays, our palates long for the bright, fresh tastes of summer. Although ratatouille is summer’s quintessential dish, we loved this version made from winter produce. After Relish Chef Brian Morris whipped up Ratatouille Tartlets for The Relish Cooking Show, we found ourselves tossing the leftover vegetable mixture into omelets, over pasta and onto chips for a brief, bright respite from all the heavy party fare.

winter ratatouille tartlets

Winter Ratatouille

Use this fresh filling in tiny tartlets for a healthy appetizer or toss with pasta for an on-the-go dinner.


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