Intimate Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

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October 10, 2012

Turkey and trimmings styled for a picture-pretty Thanksgiving celebration.

Brie and Basil Stuffed Turkey Breasts
Mark Boughton/ Styling by: Teresa Blackburn

When the Thanksgiving table is a table for two to four, honor tradition but don’t feel bound by it. Our intimate holiday menu is rooted in seasonal produce and developed to look beautiful on the plate.

Turkey breast halves are a manageable size for a small group. The cook, too, will appreciate not having to work around bones. Stuff the breasts with basil and brie, then drape with prosciutto and roast. When sliced, each serving offers a taste of prosciutto, plenty of tender turkey, and a savory center of brie and basil. (And don’t worry—the recipe makes enough for leftovers.)

Instead of a cooked green vegetable, take a fresh approach with a salad of mesclun topped with tart grapefruit and sweet red grapes and drizzled with a honey dressing. Bonus: the holiday color scheme of contrasting red and greens.

Carrots and a few potatoes roasted with thyme, nutmeg and cream are pure comfort food. Cornbread stuffing is amped up with hominy and chiles. Dessert is an unexpected but welcome banana chocolate chip souffle, prepared in individual soufflé dishes.

The result? A feast as pretty as a picture.

By Nicki Pendleton Wood


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Brie- and Basil-Stuffed Turkey Breasts

Tender turkey wrapped around brie, fresh basil and thinly sliced prosciutto makes for a delicious holiday dinner.


Carrot Gratin

Carrots star in a simple, do-ahead side dish from the Black Cat Farm Table Bistro.


Red Grape Grapefruit Salad

A bolt of citrus, a touch of sweet fruit and crunchy almonds doll up mesclun mix.


Banana Chocolate Chip Souffle

Light and airy, this chocolate souffle is the perfect ending holiday meals.

Chile Cornbread Stuffing

Mexican flavors predominate in this alternative to traditional bread stuffing.


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