Tricks for Treats

September 27, 2011

Transform a plain apple into a tempting treat with these magical dippers and dunkers.

Halloween Apples
Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Bad, bad witch. The mean old crone from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves didn't just give witches and step-mothers a bad name, she did apples a permanent disservice. After reading that scary-tale, no child (or adult for that matter) can ever look at apples the same way again—no matter how wholesome and full of Vitamins A and C they may be.

This Halloween, put your fears to rest and your tastebuds to the test with a sweet "disguise" for the crunchy fruit—a medley of sweet dippers and dunkers that make a good apple just naughty enough to be fun. Now that's a neat trick.

Caramelized Brie

Try this simple and tasty appetizer.

Caramel Fruit Dip

Leftover dip should be refrigerated.

Dip for Fresh Fruit

This is a great dip to use in the summer when fresh fruit is plentiful.


Caramel Apples and Pears

The petite Lady apples and Seckel pears are just right for making kid-sized caramel treats.


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