Thanksgiving with a Twist

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November 21, 2011

A classic Thanksgiving menu with a few flavorful surprises.


Here’s a Thanksgiving menu with all the tried and true dishes, and a few innovative twists. Roasted peppers and hominy debut in cornbread stuffing, fresh orange juice bathes the turkey, Brussels sprouts are shredded and sautéed, and crunchy radicchio takes the place of romaine in Caesar salad. All topped off with homespun pumpkin pie—plain and simple.

Citrus-Marinated Roast Turkey

Citrus-Marinated Roasted Turkey

This turkey is steeped in a marinade of fresh orange juice, garlic and rosemary, which is then used to baste the turkey.

citrus gravy

Citrus Gravy

Orange-infused pan drippings give this classic gravy a little extra zip.

Chile Cornbread Stuffing

Mexican flavors predominate in this alternative to traditional bread stuffing.


Radicchio Caesar Salad

Crunchy, slightly bitter radicchio makes a bracing substitute for lettuce in a favorite side dish.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan

Brussels sprouts are traditional at British holiday tables -- make them a regular at yours, too.

pumpkin pie

Spiced Pumpkin Pie

Vary the spices to get it just the way your crowd likes it.


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