Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

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October 14, 2011

Today's Thanksgiving turkey is tomorrow's salad.

Mark Boughton/ styling: Teresa Blackburn

Once the football games have ended, relatives have packed up and the dishes have been cleaned, Thanksgiving seems to be over—until you open the fridge. The turkey (a.k.a. Thanksgiving’s crown jewel) will undoubtedly be front and center, promising poultry meals until Christmas. To avoid being uncomfortably stuffed like your bird in its Thanksgiving prime, mix-up your leftover menu by adding turkey to these versatile recipes:

Gobbling Sandwiches: With plenty of breads, cheeses and toppings to choose from, a turkey sandwich leaves lots of room for experimentation and variety. For a new twist on our grilled chicken salad or Italian panini, simply substitute the chicken for turkey.

Thankfully Good Salads: Packing on the greens after a holiday meal is never a bad idea, and adding shredded turkey will keep the salad filling enough for dinner. Try tossing with our otherwise vegetarian walnut beet  and radicchio caesar salads.

Pilgrim Worthy Pastas: A baked pasta dish is always welcome (and most are freezable). Turkey flavors will work wonderfully in both our chicken tetrazzini and chicken spaghetti dishes.

For a selection of recipes calling for turkey as an ingredient check out our list below.

—By Emily Arno

Asian Turkey Salad

Asian Turkey Salad

This salad, based on one from Chef Jamie Oliver, infuses leftover Thanksgiving turkey with Asian flavors.

turkey stir-fry

Ginger Turkey Stir-Fry

Try this turkey stir-fry for a tasty, reduced-fat alternative to chicken.

turkey chili

Baja White Turkey Chili

This reduced-fat turkey chili features white kidney beans, shoepeg corn and Monterey Jack cheese.


Turkey Tortilla Soup

Leftover turkey, Southwestern seasonings and canned broth quickly turn into a mouth-watering one-pot dish.

Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Chutney Quesadillas

Turn leftover chicken or turkey into a dinnertime delight with Brie and cranberry chutney in this scrumptious quesadilla.


Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Sandwiches

Black Friday brings super sales and an even more super sandwich made with leftovers from your Thanksgiving feast.


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