Thanksgiving Turkey Re-envisioned

October 26, 2011

An Asian main dish salad made with turkey crisped in a skillet is just one delicious way we've devised to make your Thanksgiving bird fly twice.

Asian Turkey Salad
Mark Boughton/ styling: Teresa Blackburn

After the big meal, we crave ethnic flavors. We’re crazy about this salad based on one by celebrity chef and cookbook author Jamie Oliver. It combines leftover turkey with the big, bold Asian flavors of soy, sesame and five-spice powder.

The recipe—plus a few more of our favorites—will give you a few reasons to be thankful for turkey leftovers long after the big bird day has passed.

Asian Turkey Salad

Asian Turkey Salad

This salad, based on one from Chef Jamie Oliver, infuses leftover Thanksgiving turkey with Asian flavors.

Grilled Turkey Sandwiches

Make extra lemon-herb mayonnaise to use on other types of sandwiches.


Turkey Tortilla Soup

Leftover turkey, Southwestern seasonings and canned broth quickly turn into a mouth-watering one-pot dish.

Carolina Turkey Pie

This is a great recipe to use for the leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

turkey enchilada soup

Enchilada Turkey Soup

This soup combines turkey stock with Cheddar and traditional Mexican ingredients to create a spicy treat.

Turkey Pot Pie, Reduced Fat

This reduced-fat pot pie features smoked turkey, sweet potatoes, red potatoes and peas for a savory dinner.


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