Sweet and Sours

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on April 21, 2011

Give a 15 year-old girl a lemon, and she’s happy. Give my son Sam a jar of pickles, and it’s lunch. I haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love tart, sour foods. My daughter’s friend Alana stands over the sink with a half a lemon and the sugar. And both my kids can go through three glasses of Da Chanh each—the sweet-sour fresh lime drink at the Vietnamese restaurant.

When days are dreary I can’t think of a better flavor than lemon. It’s a little bit of sunshine in the middle of winter. Here are a number of recipes that will brighten up the darkest of days. The frozen yogurt is requested regularly from my friend and a revelation for everyone who tries it. It’s refreshing and bright . . . and a boost of vitamin C. It’s just three simple ingredients—sugar, lemon and yogurt. Best yet, kids can juice the lemons—now that’s sweet.– Jill Melton


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